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The Adventures of Sid, 

a Ninja-Buddhist Detective

A drug epidemic is sweeping the historical city of Savannah, Georgia.

One of its detectives, Sid, along with his partner Rat, have been charged with discovering who is making and supplying the drugs.

Is it the former USA champion female body builder, Little Lady Jane? Or a member of a south side gang run by the Weasel? Maybe some interlopers from South Carolina are trying to muscle into the act. Soon headless bodies start showing up.

Sid might be a decent detective but he’s slow at seeing things coming. Luckily, he’s not alone. He has the help of a few friends: Zelda, a pirate-attired bartender; Monk Chuck, his Buddhist, Ninja master; Pearl Blackthorn, a British writer on the paranormal; Mickey Devlin, a friendly journalist who drinks too much, and an ice cream truck man.

Will Sid finally be able to see things coming and respond before the next bodies begin to appear? Let’s admit it. He’s not having much luck.



The Adventures of Sid, 

a Ninja-Buddhist Detective

It’s the annual meeting in Savannah, Georgia of the SDA (Surrogate Drinkers of America) and journalist Mickey Devlin can’t attend.

He needs to find someone to take his place because the raffle’s been rigged and he’s been told he’s a shoo in to win the grand prize: A Big Green Avocado Barbecue Grill. The problem is you have to be present to win and he has an out of town date with a roller derby girl named Pink Freud that he just can’t cancel.

His good friend Sid, a Buddhist Ninja detective can’t go for him as he’s taking his pirate girlfriend Zelda on vacation to an exclusive resort on Hartkorn Island, where he hopes to propose. Mickey has to find someone to pretend to be him. 
What could go wrong? A dead body found with hundreds of car air fresheners on it? A missing Big Green Avocado and a mysterious Polish woman looking for her daughter. That’s what. And that’s just for a start.
Join Detective Sid, Monk Chuck, Zelda, El Jefe the organ grinder, and a cast of others as they traverse historic Savannah and Tybee Island in this baffling new mystery. 

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The Adventures of Sid, 

a Ninja-Buddhist Detective

In Georgia’s sultry Savannah, under the canopy of live oak trees and swaying Spanish moss, there’s been a bizarre murder in a historic square.

Sid, the Buddhist, Ninja detective has been called in to help solve the crime. While some murders have no leads; this one has too many - a broken romance, a victim who worked for a mysterious international art gallery, even the death of a former prostitute twenty years earlier.

Sid needs the help of retired, former detective, Rory Connor, but first, he must track him down, which won’t be easy. Last time anyone saw Connor he was hightailing it south on his motorcycle named Rocinante, on a quest to resurrect the Laws of Chivalry in this callous, modern world.

Somebody’s got to do it. Find love, murder, hope and redemption amidst the blooming camellias, azaleas and resurrection ferns of Savannah.

Ride along with Sid on the cobblestone streets and help him solve the mystery before someone else is killed. Let’s face it; he’s going to need all the help he can get.

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