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A murder occurs on a mysterious island off the coast of Tybee, Georgia and Rory Connor from the Savannah Police Department is sent to investigate. The island is inhabited entirely by members of a 3000 year old dwindling Persian religion; Zoroastrianism. These people have maintained their culture and lived there peacefully since the 1850’s.

Until now. 
While investigating, Rory stays at the Round Table Inn and Pub on Tybee where he meets “the shipwrecked”, a small coterie of men who are recovering from lost loves or searching for new ones. And romance is not far away from the group, or from Rory.

Amongst the rag tag gang is local journalist and legendary rogue, Michael Aloysius Devlin, MAD, who smells a story: is this the first murder of a Zoroastrian in the USA? The first murder by a Zoroastrian, or could the culprit be someone else visiting the island? 
Meanwhile, Rory discovers he has more questions than answers: Why would anyone want to kill the victim? What does this group of “the shipwrecked” have to do with the events on the island? Why was a Russian scientist visiting the island and what in heaven’s name does the missing nuclear bomb lost off the coast of Tybee in 1959 have to do with any of this?

Round Table


Twice widowed, recently retired, and now an official senior citizen after turning 65, Rory Conner wants to take one last motorcycle journey across the USA.

The former detective and child protection social worker wants to ride Big Red - his old Harley Davidson Road King - from Georgia to California.

His plan is to take only the blue highways, the back roads, and leave all of the other decisions to chance, fate, and Divine Providence. 
His son and daughter aren’t happy about his trip. He’s been forgetting things lately, won’t use a GPS system, nor will he plan his route.

His son worries about his dad getting lost. Rory replies. “It’s California son, a big state. Even I can’t miss it.”

What could possibly go wrong?
Rory's sojourn takes him across the Mississippi River a few more times than necessary and he encounters murder, mayhem, mechanical problems, and romance along the way.

He finds himself calling on his detective and child protection skills one last time to try and save a child’s life.
Will he make it to California? Is this his last ride?

And what does it mean that “Hope Bats Last"?



Washed ashore on a small off-grid island community, Rory Conner has no idea of how he got there, where he came from, or who he is.

He quickly finds out that the idyllic island is not as halcyon as it appears. He begins to smell foul play in a mysterious death among his new island companions.

As he gets to know each of them and their unusual world views better, he becomes drawn further and further into the intrigue. Meanwhile in L.A. Rory’s daughter Hannah is determined to find her father, dead or alive.

She hires a plane and she and her trusty companions begin the search. One of them is murdered and Hannah is torn between solving that murder and finding her father.

Some friends of Rory’s from previous adventures, Joe, Kevin and Mickey, are also there to lend a hand, as they search the wild coast of Big Sur, while trying not to annoy each other too much.

As the story unfolds they encounter a Holocaust survivor, a former priest, a powerful chocolate manufacturer, a man running for governor of California and the resurrected story of Anne Frank. 
Can Rory solve the mystery of the island death and prevent another possible death, including his own? Will Hannah discover and stop the murderer of her friend? And will all of them be reunited in the end?

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