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St Patrick’s Day in Savannah Georgia. Lucky for some,

but not for Detective Rory Connor, and not for the social worker he fails to protect.

In the wake of tragedy, Rory goes to the airport and, leaving his destination to fate, he buys a ticket for a flight as far from home as he can get. On the rugged coast of Northern Ireland, he’s surrounded by craggy cliffs, old castles, fields of sheep, and people with strange customs and traditions.

Here Rory meets the beautiful enigmatic student, Maeve, who is completing her dissertation on two newly discovered letters of the philosopher Kierkegaard; her sister, a solicitor, who specialises in crimes with a religious motive; a bombastic toga clad ex professor with a rock band; a woman minister and her husband from Denmark setting up a new church and a few other minor but entertaining characters, some who get killed along the way. 
First, there’s a petrol bomb, then a car bomb and two murders. But who is after what and why? The Kierkegaard letters have disappeared. Who has them? Will Rory figure it all out in enough time to prevent any further deaths or will he, once again, fail to protect?

Leap of Hope


There’s been a murder at the family run drive in movie theatre in Savannah, Ga., and the movie case from the night’s feature: “The Magnificent Obsession” has somehow disappeared.

The police have no leads. Detective Rory Connor, son of the theatre owner, flies back from Ireland to help solve the crime only to discover a plethora of dangerous motives still lurking.

Is someone running drugs through the drive in? Is the possibility of a cut throat real estate deal enticing the killer? Or, as unlikely as it might seem, has the annual competition for the position of Grand Marshall of the St Patrick’s Day parade suddenly become more sinister and deadly?

Along the way both help and hindrance comes to Rory from a variety of disguised and discredited sources: Arthur, an uncle who has a temporal dislocation and believes he’s living in the world of 1959; Joe, a hot tempered disbarred lawyer; Maeve, Rory’s fiery girlfriend from Ireland; Jenny, his long ago lover and Kevin, a bombastic philosophy professor who wants to build an Irish theme amusement park near Savannah.

Can they unravel the mystery before another murder takes place?

Cold Mountain


Detective Rory Connor was busy nailing down the last details for his Northern Ireland wedding when he received a telephone call that changed everything.

His listened in silence as he heard that his best friend from Savannah, Georgia was being hunted by the police. Suspicion of committing murder was bad enough - but it got worse. His friend wasn’t in Georgia. He was in China! Rory didn’t speak the language, hadn’t been there in 10 years, and had only a week before his wedding. What could he do? Well, when it’s your best friend, you have to do something! And he knew he had to act fast. Off to China to try and catch the real murderer, and free his friend.

Will he return in time for the wedding or will he have to postpone it and risk the wrath of a fiery Irish red-head? What Rory didn’t plan on was running into a mysterious Buddhist Monk, encountering an underground Christian Church, confronting a Chinese gang, stumbling over a cache of stolen artifacts, and more, while traipsing around the countryside searching – and at the same time being sought!



It's winter in Northern Ireland's town of Portrush and Detective Rory Connor, an American working with the local police, makes a gruesome discovery of the mutilated bodies of a woman and child.

There’s no clue to their identities, only some photographs linking them to tourist sites on the island's west coast. Rory's mission is to follow the leads in the photographs and track down the killer. 
He is joined by his cohorts Maeve and Claire as well as Kevin who is on a mission of his own to prove that Odysseus’ travels in the Odyssey actually took place in Ireland. Along the way Rory encounters both danger and romance within the backdrop of the raw beauty of rural Ireland.

He manages to evoke the ire of the local Guarda, elements of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, while consistently disregarding the commands of his boss. His friends' lives hang the balance as Rory races the clock against those who don’t want him to find the truth and will do everything in their power to stop him. 
Can Rory solve the mystery before death tries to claim one of his closest friends? 

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